VitalOne staff carefully carrying patient on stretcher into airplane on tarmac

A 57-year-old patient, fighting a life-long battle against cystic fibrosis, was nearly expiring. His lungs had ceased functioning entirely, with only a tiny air-pocket in one lung continuing to hold air. His only chance of survival, albeit an extremely slim one, was a double-lung transplant. The transplant would require urgent intensive care transport from the patient’s New York-area hospital to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). However, the patient’s family was told in no uncertain terms that transporting the patient is simply impossible. His condition is so critical, they were told, that he could never survive an airborne transfer.

The family refused to give up on this last chance for their loved one. They contacted many resources, until someone finally directed them to VitalOne.

VitalOne immediately secured a critical care team that was capable of transporting a very ill patient. The patient’s breathing was so fragile, the critical care jet had to fly at a low altitude in order to maintain sea-level cabin pressure. With VitalOne on the scene, the impossible flight took place.The patient arrived at UPMC in the same condition that he left New York, getting his last chance to fight for his life.